Why I Race, Part 2

Last Saturday I rode 100 miles in scenic wine country around Carlton. I’m fairly certain we rode by at least 40 or 50 wineries. While I only drank Perpetuem that day, I soaked in the sun and the beautiful views from the top of Bald Peak and the rolling hills of Yamhill and Washington county.

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Tri Bike Shop Talk

All the gear. **So much gear**. So many decisions to be made just for 1 of 3 sports. Thankfully, I’m a bike person, married to an ex-bike mechanic, so I at least have some knowledge around the subject. Even still, after I ordered a new crankset, chain, cassette and bottom bracket I was nervous I got the wrong parts. Because there are so many sizes. And styles. And who knows if anything matches, especially when your bike is 6 years old. I don’t even have disc brakes or bb30 or di2 or whatever the hotness is.

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