Ironman Coeur d’ Alene, 2023

I should say from the outset, before I launch into a long winded explanation of why I DNF’d, that I actually met nearly all of my goals for signing up for this race. We needed a long term goal to get us back to something of a pre-pandemic life. 2018 Santa Rosa was such a bad time for me–bad attitude during training and a bad attitude during the race–that I really wanted to _have fun_ with triathlon again. I wanted to train hard, but also enjoy it. I wanted to go into the race with a sense of calm, determination, and gratitude. And honestly, I think I did achieve that.

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Cold Water Swimming: Pandemic Edition

I discovered something about myself this year. My cold water season kind of petered out last year; I didn't swim nearly as much as the year before, my swims were filled with more stress then fun, and my attempt at the 24 hour relay did not go well (I signed up for 45 minute shifts, but only managed 2 before I had to drop back to 30 minutes). I felt a bit lost, depressed and aimless. And then covid hit.

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Housekeeping Note

Just a quick note: I am migrating this blog from one platform to another, so some things will change and some old things will break, my apologies. I will no longer have the option to subscribe via email, as that was a Wordpress thing, so the only option will be RSS. You will notice some of the exerpts look a bit broken with the logs, but since I am too lazy to fix, click to the individual post for the correct formatting.

Cold Water Swim Log 2.11 – 2.14. Know your why?

I guess I stopped logging when the water hit the 40s! To be honest, I haven’t felt very motivated with ice swimming lately. Earlier in the season I said I tentatively had a goal of an ice kilometer. But I never truly committed to that; in tandem with that goal, I set another goal to speed up my 1000 yd to 15 minutes in the pool, but I was pretty tepid in trying to achieve that as well.

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Cold Water Swim Logs 2.09-10

**Swim 2.09** **Date**: November 17, 2019 **Time in water**: 20:19 **Water Temp**: 50-51°F / 10°C **Air Temp**: high 50s **Where**: Broughton It was a lovely day although the wind was a bit brisk, and I kept it short because I didn’t feel like being challenged. Tons of sailboats were out, and few came into our swim area. I couldn’t tell if they were just checking us out, or if they were having to swing wide to get up river against the wind.

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Cold Water Swim Logs 2.06-08

**Swim 2.06** **Date**: November 3, 2019 **Time in water**: 32:59 **Water Temp**: 50-51°F / 10°C **Air Temp**: **Where**: Broughton **Swim 2.07** **Date**: November 5, 2019 **Time in water**: 34:43 **Water Temp**: 50-51°F / 10°C **Air Temp**: **Where**: Broughton **Swim 2.08** **Date**: November 12, 2019 **Time in water**: 30:32 **Water Temp**: 49°F / 9.4°C **Air Temp**: Intermitten pouring **Where**: Broughton

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