Housekeeping Note

Just a quick note: I am migrating this blog from one platform to another, so some things will change and some old things will break, my apologies. I will no longer have the option to subscribe via email, as that was a Wordpress thing, so the only option will be RSS. You will notice some of the exerpts look a bit broken with the logs, but since I am too lazy to fix, click to the individual post for the correct formatting.

Cold Water Swim Log 2.11 – 2.14. Know your why?

I guess I stopped logging when the water hit the 40s! To be honest, I haven’t felt very motivated with ice swimming lately. Earlier in the season I said I tentatively had a goal of an ice kilometer. But I never truly committed to that; in tandem with that goal, I set another goal to speed up my 1000 yd to 15 minutes in the pool, but I was pretty tepid in trying to achieve that as well.

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Cold Water Swim Logs 2.09-10

**Swim 2.09** **Date**: November 17, 2019 **Time in water**: 20:19 **Water Temp**: 50-51°F / 10°C **Air Temp**: high 50s **Where**: Broughton It was a lovely day although the wind was a bit brisk, and I kept it short because I didn’t feel like being challenged. Tons of sailboats were out, and few came into our swim area. I couldn’t tell if they were just checking us out, or if they were having to swing wide to get up river against the wind.

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Cold Water Swim Logs 2.06-08

**Swim 2.06** **Date**: November 3, 2019 **Time in water**: 32:59 **Water Temp**: 50-51°F / 10°C **Air Temp**: **Where**: Broughton **Swim 2.07** **Date**: November 5, 2019 **Time in water**: 34:43 **Water Temp**: 50-51°F / 10°C **Air Temp**: **Where**: Broughton **Swim 2.08** **Date**: November 12, 2019 **Time in water**: 30:32 **Water Temp**: 49°F / 9.4°C **Air Temp**: Intermitten pouring **Where**: Broughton

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Cold Water Swim Log 2.05

Swim 2.05 DateOctober 27, 2019
Time in water: 43:08
Water Temp: 51.6°F / 10.9°C
Air Temp: high 40’s, a bit windy
Where: Sellwood

I honestly wanted to swim longer, but a certain someone had plans so we called it at her maximum allowed amount of time, after I goaded her into going back out for a bit longer. I changed up my post-swim routine by immediately getting into the car sauna after getting on my dry robe, hat and socks, I didn’t bother putting on any other clothes. I think when it’s windy and/or very cold out, it’s not even worth doing. It’s just best to get in the sauna with your hot water bottle, clothing can come on once you’re warmed up a bit more.

Cold Water Swim Logs 2.02 – 2.04

Last year I numbered my swims with a leading zero, and I can’t really tell you why other than perhaps it looked cool. I decided to make the system more convoluted and start it with a “2” to mark the second season, and start the swim number back again to 01. _Enjoy._

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