Cold water swim log 012, 2019 Jan 27

DateJanuary 27th
Time in water: 10:37
Water Temp: 39°F
Air Temp: 43°F
Where: Broughton Beach

Well this went way better than the week before, although I almost didn’t get in. I put my feet in the water and holy shit. They just straight up hurt. I backed out, which I have never done. “I don’t think I can do this today,” I said, as most of the others swam away.

Amanda stepped up and put her feet in the water carefully; she said I should practice just getting in, since it’s the hardest part. I agreed I should at least do that. Once I was up to my thighs, I realized it wasn’t that bad–it was actually just my feet that hurt. So in I went, and I felt really good. I could have gone for longer, but honestly I’m just afraid of having an ugly after drop. I think at this point, I’m ready to push up against this and see what I can do. I’d like to end the cold water season at 20 minutes in ice temps, although that feels very far away from today.