Cold water swim log 011, 2019 Jan 20

DateJanuary 20th
Time in water: 5:35
Water Temp: 40°F
Air Temp: 50°F (this is what Garmin says, I do not believe it)
Where: Broughton Beach

Yes, I know. It’s been a month! I was sick, a swim was canceled, etc. Anyway.

I have been getting nervous about my lack of cold water swimming, with a 24 hour relay coming up in 2 short weeks, so I was happy to work the kinks out. My goal? Get in the water and swim. At first I was thinking 10 minutes, but when I heard someone else say 5, I thought “5, 5 sounds good”.

I definitely complained a little bit about the wind picking up and being cold before getting in, which is unlike me. I have a no complaining rule before these swims, both in words and in thoughts. The more I focus on it being cold or windy or rainy, the less likely I am to get in, and when I do get in, the less time I stay in, and the less pleasant it is all around. So it’s just best to accept the way it is and move forward.

Maybe because of the long break, maybe because of my complaints, perhaps because it was 40 freaking degrees, I had a hard time breathing. My controlled breath flew out the window, and I was cackling like crazy when I began breast stroking, mostly to keep myself of screaming. I did manage to actually swim for a bit, but I would have to come up and breathe for a bit before continuing. So I didn’t swim long, but I did make my 5 minute goal.

And despite the paltry 5 minutes, my arms were utterly numb when I got out, so zipping my Dry Robe was an interesting exercise in trying to control unfeeling hands with my eyes alone.

Turns out 2 friends swam 17 minutes, which I am just in awe of. I can’t wait to get in 50+ degree water in San Francisco, it’s going to feel, dare I say it, balmy.