Change of Plans…

After my last very whiny post, I tried to get my shit back together and get focused. And then I looked at the Ironman website to find the exact dates for IM Arizona in November, as I was thinking about flying down there to spectate and support friends.

And then I saw the “register” button, still active. Huh? It sold out 2 days after opening way back last November. Why would that be there? So of course I clicked it.

Turns out there were Foundation slots still open, which basically doubles the entry fee (half of which goes to their foundation, so that’s at least tax deductible). Some quick math told me that the cost of Arizona IM would actually be less then Coeur d’Alene, since I wouldn’t have to pay for a very expensive hotel room.

Not only does doing Arizona give my knees time to regenerate themselves (they do that, right?), but it means I get the next 2 months off of training. And do you know what that means? MOUNTAIN BIKING! SUMMER! FREEDOM!

So I pulled the trigger last night, and I’m 100% committed. Time to kick back and vaguely worry about having to run a marathon at some point in the future.