Excedrin should probably sponsor me

I thought as I got stronger with running that my knee and hip pain would subside. For a little while, there was a glimmer of hope that this would be true. But it became abundantly clear over the past two weekends, that this is not the case.

Two weekends ago I ran 10 miles on Saturday, which I have done before a few times on Leif. I started having pain in my left knee (it was sad and wanted to join the club), but on the back where the hamstring attaches. The next morning as I got ready to ride, I didn’t think there would be enough Excedrin in the world that would get me through; turns out it’s pretty powerful stuff. And the ride actually warmed everything up and stretched everything out.

However, post-Excedrin high, it continued to hurt all week, which surprised me. I thought some rest and ice would do the trick. Thankfully my hip adductor issue mostly subsided once I totally stopped stretching–turns out you’re not supposed to stretch pulled muscles (….oops). No more yoga for this gal until September.

So yesterday I ran 12 miles. I started popping the pain pills early–not only for the actual pain relief, but also to keep my form from disintegrating. I knew there was a possibility that I would be doing more then I really should given the numbing agent in place, but I kept it really slow (10 minute miles, lots of walking).

The pain gradually grew worse; my calves tightening and complaining right behind and below my knees. I tried to relaxed them as much as possible, which seemed to help a bit. My right hip hurt. My right knee hurt in its usual spot. But I kept with it and did all 12.

By the time I was going to bed, I couldn’t put any weight on my left knee at all (if trying to kneel). I had trouble sleeping because it hurt so much, it kept waking me up. Today my calves are super tight and angry, and I’ve basically been on ice all day.

So now I’m just complaining and angry and sad and disappointed in my body. Kinda feeling like

I was hoping for a miracle, and I still am. I’ve started getting some acupuncture, in fact I should probably be there right now.

These few weeks are the crucial time when I need to put in volume. But it’s not looking good. 😐