Blast from the Past

I start blogs on a fairly frequent basis. Not blog posts mind you, but entire blogs. I just logged into my old WordPress account and found one I started in 2006 and just made a single post:

Another runner down {#post-3}

August 30, 2006

It’s a familiar story. I spent 2005 training for the Portland Marathon, and after a fairly strong (albeit painful) finish, I was hobbling around barely able to walk. After a few weeks of agonizing inactivity, I began running again, but the knee and the hip pain kept lingering…and lingering…and lingering; without the insurance for physical therapy, my own therapy is cross training.

  I finished my first century (100 mile bike ride) last weekend (The Portland Century) and again I find myself with achey knees (and a sore bum!). And now that fall is starting to cool down my summer days, it is a perfect time to begin to learn how to swim. It will be a long year, but my goal is to be a triathlete next summer.

I am laughing at this, but also it makes me sad that I continue to suffer from the same running injury. 10 years later. 😐