Running Saga Update

In my quest toward ultimate perfection in running form, I have caused yet another injury; my calves have slowly been getting worse and last week I spent pretty much Wednesday through Saturday in my bright orange compression tights with my legs up on ice.


In my attempt to not be a heel striker I’ve pretty much been running on my toes. My calves had enough and threw in the towel. So for my long run on Sunday we dialed it back from 90 to 60 minutes and slowed way down. Rather then try to avoid the heel, I just ignored my feet and focused on short steps with a rapid turn over.

While also focused on: keeping my core strong, not cross my arms over my chest (avoid side-to-side motion), using my quads and glutes for momentum, run in circles, high knees, pelvis tucked, shoulders down, em em did I miss anything?

No, I do not run “zen-like” at all, my thoughts are 100% focused on form. I think I must look like a robot lumbering down the trail; I felt awkward and slow, shuffling along as I was, but my calves didn’t hurt so that’s a win. We’re headed into 2 weeks of high volumes, so my hip and knee and calves need to get with the program.