Cold water swim log 016 & 017, 2019 March

DateMarch 24th
Time in water: 22:47
Water Temp: 46-48°F
Air Temp: 60s°F, sunny
Where: Hagg Lake, boat ramp C

I knew it had been a while since I swam outside, I didn’t realize it had been well over a month. I was a bit nervous, even with the 10 degree rise in water temp from the last time I almost froze my hands off.

Within an instant, I felt like I could swim forever. It felt so good. The sun was on my back, the water glittery in the light, it was just glorious.

Well, around 20 minutes in, I noticed my hands started feeling cold, so I came in, I didn’t want a rough recovery, I wanted only happiness. I was surprised I even shivered, but it was a good reminder that even when I feel great in the water, it’s still in the 40s.

The following weekend we came back out to Hagg to do a big ride, and I did a short swim/dip afterwards, but that was only 5 minutes, so I didn’t bother to record it.

DateMarch 31st
Time in water: 14:20
Water Temp: 44°F ?
Air Temp: 60s°F, sunny
Where: Broughton Beach

After an hour on my paddleboard, I paddled in and swam with the crew on the Columbia, which is holding steadily colder then elsewhere. After Hagg Lake the week prior, I could definitely feel the difference. I stayed in as long as I felt good, and came in before I was too cold /shrug.

My confidence in the water is so much greater then when I started this crazy thing. While I don’t feel like I’ve really pushed myself in the cold yet (to do an ice km!?), I don’t feel like that’s what this season has been about. It’s been about confidence building and discovery.

I did my 2 swims per month from November to March, so I think that makes me an official yeti. The water is beginning to reach normal swimmer levels (50s), so this will be the last of my “cold water swim” log series. Onwards to long OW swims!