Cold water swim log 002, 2018 Nov 20, a shorty

Date: November 20th
Time in water: 10:55
Water Temp: 44/45°F
Air Temp: 52°F**
Where: **Milwaukie boat ramp

The sun was shining today, and the rain starts tomorrow. So I had to get out in the water, despite my rough recovery on Sunday. Also, I very distinctly recall the (first) time I was thrown off a horse when I was a small girl. The class instructor made me get right back on afterwards. Yes, it’s true, I have lived the saying. Get right back on that horse and keep riding lest you develop a fear and never get back on again.

I convinced myself to do it by saying I would only swim for 10 minutes. I do that a lot–say I’m going to do very little to get myself outside and then do way more then I said. But this time I wanted to actually stick with it. It’s hard to stop because in the water, I think I can keep going, I feel fine. But it’s not about the feeling I have in the water, it’s the warm up phase after the swim. And there’s really no way to know while you’re swimming what that’s going to look like.

So I did swim 10 minutes, and I actually had the least amount of shivering since maybe mid October. So all in all, I would say a success.