High Volume Weeks Ahead

My volume is essentially doubling this week and next; so far so good. I ran 3 miles yesterday at lunch and then rode 3 hours after work, all was well. Thankfully Coach planned that one perfectly and it’s in the 70s and sunny all week.

Bared the legs!

Bared the legs!

In other news, I was directed to this little gem:

First of all, this is a direct-to-Netflix movie, right? Or maybe it’s not a real movie and they just want the revenue from the YouTube ads?

I love how she goes from not really knowing what a triathlon is to being like “sure I’ll try that” to owning a $4000 bike. Yeah…clearly her goal is not just “finishing” because she appears to have that in the bag pretty early on.

If I’m going to watch a cheesy sports movie, I would skip this and stick with a classic: