A Little Perspective

I will be the first to admit that my perspective around fitness and sports is completely jacked. Most of my network is based in the bike racing community. To most people I know, riding 100 miles on the weekend is NBD. Training every day? Well, yeah, at least.

But then I turn around and talk to people in my professional network, and that’s a completely different story. They think I’m nuts. They can’t believe how much training I do. I yell at myself for missing a single workout, other people have a hard time getting motivated for a thirty minute run three times a week. I’m not denigrating that, it’s just a different lifestyle.

And it is a lifestyle. It’s literally all that I do. I wake up and rush to work, run or ride at lunch, and/or swim run or ride after work, walk dogs, eat, foam roll, sleep, repeat. The one or two hours of free time I may have in the evening revolves around foam rolling and PT, while I chat with my husband as he checks news on the internet. It’s terribly exciting.

So when I am feeling bad about myself for missing a workout, or not pushing myself hard enough on that 1000 yard swim test this morning, I have to remember that overall, I’m doing really well, and maybe it’s even a little extraordinary. I mean, I’ve only missed one workout and it actually said “optional” so I guess that doesn’t necessarily count as missed. Did I mention I might be a little Type A and a perfectionist? Yeah I might be.