2 months out

Despite my glowing last post, I have continued to struggle with my right leg. The pain seems to move around, and now it’s settled in my hip, which of course goes down my leg and causes my knee to hurt. I’m a bit mad at myself, as I had long ago quit doing my PT exercises, which honestly I do really need to do. I’m 2 months out, and I should have this fixed. I’m just going to pray that if I am consistent from now on, I will be right as rain come April.

This weekend I PR’ed parts of Sauvie Island, I PR’ed the Old Germantown climb; then on Sunday I PR’ed my 10k time (which is actually slower then it should be due to my watch’s poor relationship with satellites). Basically I killed it this weekend; it’s so fun to actually be getting stronger and faster, and not feel completely trashed all the time. It’s a new experience.

I decided a little while ago that I would do at least 1 more race after St George, to take some of the pressure off. So it will either be CDA or PacCrest, probably the latter. It still feels a bit strange to be doing so few races; when I’m bike racing it seems like there is a race every other weekend.

I admit I looked at the results for Echo Red to Red and felt a pang of sadness that I wasn’t there to fumble my way through the first mountain bike race of the season. I miss the dirt. I wish I could simultaneously train for All The Things, but the interval training required for mountain biking does not jive with what I’m doing right now. I have certainly considered still doing 6 Hours of Hood and High Cascades 100, although 6 Hours is the weekend after PacCrest, so probably that’s a no.

But… it is me after all. 🙂