Healthy eating rage

It’s usually when I’m staring down at a tupperware container of Chia seed pudding when I question my sanity.

If you’ve never had it, chia seeds, unlike Chia Pets, well, actually nevermind they are the same. You’re basically eating a chia pet, if you zapped it with a laser to melt it, and then stuck it in a blender. It’s like tapioca, but somehow more gelatinous.

Wikipedia won't even call it pudding

Wikipedia won’t even call it pudding

Okay, so why in the world would I go through the trouble of buying this expensive little seed, making pudding and then forcing myself to choke it down? Protein! Vitamins! Nutrients! Someone on the internet told me to do it!

Given that I’m a huge fan of gelatinous Japanese desserts, it’s saying a lot that sometimes I just really don’t know what to do with this damn stuff. It’s easy to make and I feel good about eating it, but dammit sometimes I just want to smoother my apple in peanut butter even if it’s the 5th time I’ve eaten peanut butter that day. Because it’s delicious and apparently I’m 5 years old.

To be honest, sometimes I wish I could just not eat at all until the weekend. It’s such a bother. It’s time consuming, it’s expensive, but it’s also incredibly important and I refuse to eat pre-packaged foods on a regular basis. So overnight oatmeal and salads and chia goop it is! Hey if you’re lucky I’ll post my not-particularly-good recipe for chia seed pudding.