Tour de Gifford Pinchot

Up close views of Mount St Helens, Mount Adams, fun and windy roads, gravel, this has all you could possibly want and more. The main problem is logistics; we had a buddy drop us off at the start. I’m sure you could add a day to ride from Portland to Cougar, but who wants to ride through Vancouver? Not I.

We did this ride in 4 days/3 nights. The first day is the real doozy, as we made it all the way to the horse camp (do not camp there, blah). The main problem is that you can’t camp around the blast zone, and there just wasn’t anywhere good to pull over that we could see. Perhaps a more intrepid crew could find something. But it makes for a very long and very elevation heavy day.

The second night we spent along a creek where the road turns to gravel before Baby Shoe Pass, it also happens to be where we got engaged. So it’s kind of a secret spot. Okay actually I’m just not sure where it is.

The last night we spent in a hotel in Stevenson, because wow we were toast and had no where to go. Worth every penny.


  • distance: 227 miles
  • elevation: 18923 feet