Cold water swim log 009, 2018 Dec 16

DateDecember 16th
Time in water: 11:22
Water Temp: 42-44°F
Air Temp: 47°F, sprinkling
Where: Milwaukie boat ramp

Not much of note to report here; I wish I would have gone a few more minutes, but I was back at the start and it’s so hard to make myself go out again, both because it’s quite easy to end up swimming an extra 2 or 3 minutes further then you want, which can lead to a rough recovery, and because my body is telling me to get the eff out of the water. I was just starting to get the knives-in-armpits sensation, which I could have handled for a few more minutes. But better safe then sorry, so I had a smooth recovery in the mobile sauna.

Cold water swim log 007, 2018 Dec 9

DateDecember 9th
Time in water: 10:06
Water Temp: 39-40°F
Air Temp: 39°F, raining
Where: Milwaukie Boat ramp

Thank god for pop up tents. The rain had only just started when we arrived at 10:30am and began setting up the tent. We basically set up a living room, as the tent was fully enclosed; I brought chairs, we had a tarp, it was quite the cozy set up. As such, we decided to just stay in the tent post-swim rather then warming up in the mobile sauna (aka someone’s car with the heat on full blast). I was a little nervous about that, but I could always go into the car if needed. Continue reading

Cold water swim logs 005 – 006, 2018 Dec 1 – 2

DateDecember 1st
Time in water: 13:56
Water Temp: 45-46°F
Air Temp: 46°F
Where: Broughton Beach

Normally we swim mid-morning, but this day was a bit different, we met at the beach at 3pm. This was most people’s first time here, and I was happy to show it off. I always thought it was the perfect beach for cold water swims with its long, visible beach with a gradual entry, and clearly defined boundaries in the water that keep the boats out. It doesn’t hurt that it’s much closer to my house. Continue reading

Cold water swim log 004, 2018 Nov 25

DateNovember 25th
Time in water: 16:32
Water Temp: 44°F
Air Temp: 39-41°F
Where: Milwaukie boat ramp

I was thinking about just paddling instead of swimming all morning long, but finally I got my butt in gear and left the house sans paddle board. The fog was thick again, but wasn’t nearly as bad in Milkwaukie, but the wind was picking up slightly. There were 8 swimmers, we milled around for a while, I tried to decide between 15 or 20 minutes. I decided to shoot for 20 but wouldn’t be sad with 15. Getting in was easy once my lower half was numb; I really have to concentrate on my breathing for the first 3 minutes. Long slow breaths, focusing on the exhale to prevent hyperventilating.

Continue reading

Cold water swim log 001, 2018 Nov 18

I am stealing the idea of a cold water swim log from Margot, so here we go. I am going to do a rough back log since I can’t recall all the details, culminating in today’s swim, which was the worst after drop I’ve had so far. Since the official-ish yeti calendar starts on October 15th, we’ll go from there. Well, I was Hawaii at that time, so we’ll go with the first swim back. Continue reading

On getting in

I stood knee-deep in the water, staring out at Janie, who was already swimming away from me. “Wait!” I yelled, wading in mid-thigh. From there, the small shore on Haydn Lake dropped sharply, 12 feet at least. I could see the tangle of seaweed growing on the lake’s bottom through the clear water, and I knew once I was in I had to swim hard away from shore to avoid it touching my feet. But the water felt cold to my 11 year old self. Continue reading

New challenges

For some time, most of my personal goals are athletic, and most of those are around either speed or distance: completing an event at a certain ranking or time, or just racing some distance I’ve never done before. Or in the case of Ironman, both at the same time (because of course you would set time goals for something you’ve never done before…)

After Santa Rosa, I took the summer off from goals and challenges (except the challenges that come with selling and buying homes). So as summer started winding to a close, I was feeling ready to do something with purpose. However, most of the things I do start training in January. Continue reading