2018, meh

What will I remember when I look back on the last year?

Not much because my long term memory is basically no longer functional.

I want my focus for 2019 to be living an intentional life. For me, that means giving myself time and empty space to think and reflect, which I hope will improve my memory and help me clarify where I am and where I want to go. Continue reading

For the love of swimming

Someone asked me today about these super short cold water swims, feeling like she wasn’t getting “exercise”. I told her I don’t think of this as exercise at all (although you do burn a bunch of calories rewarming). It’s a physical and mental challenge, it’s social hour, it’s a refreshing ice bath, but no it’s not exercise. That seemed to switch a light on for her, in the way she was framing the whole activity. It can feel like a huge waste of time; we meet at 10:30am, get ready for maybe 20-30 minutes, swim for 10-15 minutes, and sit around shivering for another 40-60 minutes. So basically I’m gone for for 2.5-3 hours for a 10 minute activity.

Yeah if you’re trying to have an efficient work out, this ain’t it. Continue reading

Triathlon is real expensive

I can tell you one thing about triathlon: it is really expensive. Like, really expensive. I walk around at Ironman Arizona, and it’s Zipp discs as far as the eye can see. $6k bikes, fancy wet suits, $300 bike shoes; everything is expensive. Just the race entry itself is quadruple the money I had ever spent on a race entry in my life, and this is also the first time I’ve ever even flown to a race. Continue reading