Dreaming XXL

I’ve been obsessively hitting refresh on Sarah Thomas’ 4x English Channel attempt all day long. As of right now, she’s so close to the end, but the current is clearly pushing her past Dover Harbor, and they’ve adjusted her projected trajectory. It was 5km to go, now it’s 8. The drama!

I have to sit back and marvel at her. In a strange way, I identify with her. It’s easy when someone does something seemingly super human to immediately distance ourselves from them. She’s crazy, she’s a freak, she’s one in a million. While she may be these things, by pointing to the difference between her an “normal” people, we assume we are not capable. She’s swimming the “impossible”. Continue reading

2018, meh

What will I remember when I look back on the last year?

Not much because my long term memory is basically no longer functional.

I want my focus for 2019 to be living an intentional life. For me, that means giving myself time and empty space to think and reflect, which I hope will improve my memory and help me clarify where I am and where I want to go. Continue reading

For the love of swimming

Someone asked me today about these super short cold water swims, feeling like she wasn’t getting “exercise”. I told her I don’t think of this as exercise at all (although you do burn a bunch of calories rewarming). It’s a physical and mental challenge, it’s social hour, it’s a refreshing ice bath, but no it’s not exercise. That seemed to switch a light on for her, in the way she was framing the whole activity. It can feel like a huge waste of time; we meet at 10:30am, get ready for maybe 20-30 minutes, swim for 10-15 minutes, and sit around shivering for another 40-60 minutes. So basically I’m gone for for 2.5-3 hours for a 10 minute activity.

Yeah if you’re trying to have an efficient work out, this ain’t it. Continue reading

The Daily Hustle

There’s a lot of advice out there from so-called productivity guru’s about getting things done. As someone who is perhaps slightly obsessed in maximizing every minute of my day, I think it’s fair to say I’ve read a lot of it. Continue reading

2016 eff yooo

I’ve used Ironman as an excuse to keep away from people this year. I haven’t really seen my friends and probably lost some friends, because I’ve avoided my usual social gatherings and rides. I didn’t do a single OBRA race this year which is often how I connect with people. Continue reading

I race tomorrow

The bike and gear bags are dropped off; tomorrow is the big day. It’s agonizing being here so many days before the thing actually happens, trying to get in workouts and organize my shit and trying to stay off my feet (which is impossible). Continue reading

Triathlon is real expensive

I can tell you one thing about triathlon: it is really expensive. Like, really expensive. I walk around at Ironman Arizona, and it’s Zipp discs as far as the eye can see. $6k bikes, fancy wet suits, $300 bike shoes; everything is expensive. Just the race entry itself is quadruple the money I had ever spent on a race entry in my life, and this is also the first time I’ve ever even flown to a race. Continue reading

It’s Race Week!

It’s Ironman week, and I made it to Arizona. It’s Wednesday night, and I’m tired from hauling multiple bags and bikes through airports with a bunch of crabby triathletes suffering from taper temper.

Racing sounds fun, doesn’t it? Continue reading

Taking Care

I will admit this has been a very overwhelming couple of months; I wouldn’t say that I’m struggling to get through each week, but … yeah I’m struggling to get through each week. Not specifically with training, but just with life, which can have obvious ripple effects on training. Continue reading