For the love of swimming

Someone asked me today about these super short cold water swims, feeling like she wasn’t getting “exercise”. I told her I don’t think of this as exercise at all (although you do burn a bunch of calories rewarming). It’s a physical and mental challenge, it’s social hour, it’s a refreshing ice bath, but no it’s not exercise. That seemed to switch a light on for her, in the way she was framing the whole activity. It can feel like a huge waste of time; we meet at 10:30am, get ready for maybe 20-30 minutes, swim for 10-15 minutes, and sit around shivering for another 40-60 minutes. So basically I’m gone for for 2.5-3 hours for a 10 minute activity.

Yeah if you’re trying to have an efficient work out, this ain’t it. Continue reading

Endurance Sports for Life Avoidance; Relationships and Training

It’s the title of my new eBook – Endurance Sports for Life Avoidance: How to escape your job, your family, and whatever other issues you don’t really want to deal with.

You get to spend hours and hours away from anyone who isn’t following your training plan; you can’t go out at night because you need to foam roll and get as much sleep as possible; you can’t have meetings between 11 and 2pm because you leave work for long lunch runs; and you can’t go out to eat because you’re following a strict diet of some kind. Continue reading

The self-improvement merry-go-round

I spend a lot of time “improving” myself. Especially as an athlete, we’re told to do so many things to improve performance: foam roll daily, stretch, visualize success, go easy, go hard, ice bath, get massages, sleep 10 hours, take naps, eat protein, eat carbs, eat fat, don’t overeat, have x% body fat, strength train, work on your core, do your PT exercises, ice your knees, don’t run downhill, only run on soft surfaces, pedal in a circle, swim with your arm pits, do one leg drills, one arm drills…. Continue reading

Goal setting for the rest of us

According to the internet:

  • Goals should be specific, have a deadline, and have measurable results
  • Goals should be bite-sized and focused
  • Goals are bullshit, don’t make them

A friend told me today that I’m really good at sticking with goals, which I find odd since I think I’m terrible at setting goals. I constantly set goals (meditate every day) and never do them (yeah I did that for maybe a week). But some goals, like train for an upcoming triathlon, are easy for me. Why is that? Continue reading