Peak mileage

I went for a 9 mile “lunch” run on Wednesday; I think that’s when shit started to feel real. Not even a month ago, 9 miles was my Sunday long run. Last weekend I blew away my previous long run (12 miles) and ran 15. Not without consequences however; my knee and calves were not happy about the situation and have been tight all week. But then I ran the 9-miler without a problem. I no longer understand what’s going on with my knee so I just run and hope for the best. Continue reading

From Summer to Winter

I was in Sunriver last weekend, and regardless of the weather, had a big ride to do, and a big run.

When I left Saturday morning for my 80 mile ride around Mount Bachelor, it was 37 degrees, and large dark clouds hung in the horizon.

I didn’t even bring a coat. Continue reading

Knee Saga Update: Mystery Solved?

In case you missed it, I’ve been having knee pain on my right leg from running since the 2005 Portland Marathon. Essentially what seemed to be chronic IT Band Syndrome, made worse by rest or running or really anything.

I also get hip pain on the right side also from running, biking, and most especially walking.

I’ve seen as many as five physical therapists throughout the years, whose basic “treatment” was to do clamshells and run slower, neither of which did anything. And despite me telling the next one that these exercises did nothing, they still gave them to me. Continue reading

Running Saga Update

In my quest toward ultimate perfection in running form, I have caused yet another injury; my calves have slowly been getting worse and last week I spent pretty much Wednesday through Saturday in my bright orange compression tights with my legs up on ice.

Continue reading

A cyclist running

I used to call myself a runner. Now I’m a cyclist trying to run.

I ran 8 miles on Leif Erikson yesterday, which is a gravel/dirt double track trail/fire lane in Forest Park. It’s not very soft, it’s a bit rocky, and yesterday it was pretty muddy. So lots of hopping over puddles, avoiding the particularly deep mud, and trying not to sprain my ankle on the rocky bits. Continue reading

Running Milestone – 10 miles

I ran 10 miles yesterday. That’s a huge deal for me…even if I am hobbling around right now.

I actually thought I was going to do it pain free; I was 100% good until I turned around at mile 5. Typical. Also I have no screenshot evidence as my Garmin kept losing the satellites so it shows the wrong mileage. Gah! Next time, and yes there will be a next time!

This has been the first run where I’ve gotten tired from running; usually I have to stop because of pain, not because I’m actually tired. It only took doing a TT on Saturday and then 10 miles in the mud to get there. ?


My complicated relationship with running

The very first time I recall trying to “go for a run” was when I was maybe 11 years old. I thought I was fat and needed to lose weight. I won’t really go into how messed up it is that an 11 year old thinksĀ this, but I did, and so I began running. The first few times I went, I could barely make it around the block.

Every year we had to run the mile at school, and every year I mostly walked it. In 7th grade I miserably failed everything on the presidential fitness test, and after that I finally decided enough was enough. I trained for it, including finally becoming limber enough to touch my toes. I ran an 8:30 mile in 8th grade. It was a crowning achievement. Continue reading