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Cold Water Swim Logs 2.06-08

Swim 2.06
Date: November 3, 2019
Time in water: 32:59
Water Temp: 50-51°F / 10°C
Air Temp:
Where: Broughton

Swim 2.07
Date: November 5, 2019
Time in water: 34:43
Water Temp: 50-51°F / 10°C
Air Temp:
Where: Broughton

Swim 2.08
Date: November 12, 2019
Time in water: 30:32
Water Temp: 49°F / 9.4°C
Air Temp: Intermitten pouring
Where: Broughton

I haven’t been doing a great job of writing things down, oops. I’ve been learning little things here and there about the post-swim warm up, but nothing too significant.

I seem to have gotten stuck at a half hour mark right around 50/10 degrees. I was hoping to up that to 45 minutes, maybe even an hour. However on the 12, when it was starting to dip into the 40s, I noticed near the end that my hands and feet started really hurting, and then I started feeling nauseous. That was right before I had already planned on getting out, so it’s not like I threw in the towel early. While I was swimming back to get out, I started thinking the rewarming was libel to be very painful, since my hands were already in pain. I also noticed on my walk up to my car that my legs were much number then they had been a degree or two higher.

It also started pouring on us as we were trying to dry off and get dressed, although the rain felt downright warm! I pulled on my DryRobe and just dressed in the car. My hands and feel did better than I thought they would, and I think pouring warm water over them actually helps quiet a bit, and then not wearing shoes afterwards, just putting my socked feet under the car heater does the trick.

I do wonder if I could work through that pain and stay in longer, if that’s a temporary pain or something that would force me to get out. The water is predicted to hover between 48 and 50 for the next few days, so there is time to try for a little longer swim.

The pool is officially unbearably hot, and I can’t really get any kind of actual workout in without overheating. I’m going to bring a thermometer, I swear it’s hotter then it used to be…