Race Report: Arizona, my first Ironman

It’s funny now, looking back. Where I thought I could place, how fast I thought I could run. Honestly, my goals were just a way to keep me motivated to keep focused during training. I don’t think my goals were crazy, in terms of my potential as an athlete. But my goals were definitely a bit crazy in the sense that I’ve only been running and swimming consistently for about 11 months. That was pretty clear about 6 miles into the run. Continue reading

I race tomorrow

The bike and gear bags are dropped off; tomorrow is the big day. It’s agonizing being here so many days before the thing actually happens, trying to get in workouts and organize my shit and trying to stay off my feet (which is impossible). Continue reading

Triathlon is real expensive

I can tell you one thing about triathlon: it is really expensive. Like, really expensive. I walk around at Ironman Arizona, and it’s Zipp discs as far as the eye can see. $6k bikes, fancy wet suits, $300 bike shoes; everything is expensive. Just the race entry itself is quadruple the money I had ever spent on a race entry in my life, and this is also the first time I’ve ever even flown to a race. Continue reading

It’s Race Week!

It’s Ironman week, and I made it to Arizona. It’s Wednesday night, and I’m tired from hauling multiple bags and bikes through airports with a bunch of crabby triathletes suffering from taper temper.

Racing sounds fun, doesn’t it? Continue reading