in Running

Peak mileage

I went for a 9 mile “lunch” run on Wednesday; I think that’s when shit started to feel real. Not even a month ago, 9 miles was my Sunday long run. Last weekend I blew away my previous long run (12 miles) and ran 15. Not without consequences however; my knee and calves were not happy about the situation and have been tight all week. But then I ran the 9-miler without a problem. I no longer understand what’s going on with my knee so I just run and hope for the best.

The orthotics have felt great; they aren’t the silver bullet I was hoping for, but I didn’t think anything really would be, although the heel lift was pretty damn close.

I’m at the point in this ironman journey where I am either 100% confident that I will have a great race and exceed everyone’s expectations, or it will be way harder then I think and I’ll forget how to swim, blow myself up during the bike and walk half the marathon. Everyone says that the only goal of a first-timer should be to finish. But man, I’ve finished hundreds of races, 120 mile gravel races, 3 day stage races, 100 mile mountain bike races;  finishing isn’t terribly exciting anymore. I don’t expect to be on a podium (a girl can dream), but I do want to place well. I can’t help it, I’m competitive. I mean, if there’s a time to be competitive, it’s when you’re racing, right?

I’m pretty much at peak volume right now, and in a week or so the taper will begin. I’m not sure what I’ll do with all my free time; oh did I say free time? My parents are coming to town and staying with me the weekend before the race, so I’ve been madly cleaning the house. Great way to rest up, huh? They will either keep me distracted from getting the “taper tantrums” or make it far worse. We shall see.