The Upgrade Ceiling: When you hit the top and crash

A long time ago, in a far away land, I used to race cyclocross competitively–aka, I trained for it and actually tried to do well.

After being yelled at for being a sandbagger on multiple occasions while racing in the B category, I upgraded to A’s, which meant not only was I racing with the best amateurs, I also raced with any pros who showed up. As anyone who has gone from B to A knows, it’s a huge leap. You can’t fumble through the race relying on either technical skills or fitness alone. You have to have both. Continue reading

Change of Plans…

After my last very whiny post, I tried to get my shit back together and get focused. And then I looked at the Ironman website to find the exact dates for IM Arizona in November, as I was thinking about flying down there to spectate and support friends.

And then I saw the “register” button, still active. Huh? It sold out 2 days after opening way back last November. Why would that be there? So of course I clicked it. Continue reading

Staying Motivated

With my last race a few weeks in the rear view mirror, I’m fully on board with training for the full Ironman in late August. I admit that my focus completely flagged between St. George and Coeur d’Alene. I missed many workouts and completely stopped all my self-care (foam rolling and stretching). Continue reading

Coeur d’Alene 70.3

Race day certainly had a different start then any I’ve ever had. For the first time on a race day morning, for both for me and for DJ, neither of our alarms went off.

We were supposed to be in the lobby ready to leave at 5am for the 6am race start. DJ startled me out of sleep at 5:05am.

Oops. Continue reading