in Thoughts


Somehow I managed to push life away for a long time to focus on training. From January until race day in early May, I avoided going out of town, doing any major house work or having to work late.

Life came back to me in an avalanche the second I got back from Utah.

After many missed workouts and thoughts far away from triathlon, I’m a few weeks away from another race and feeling unprepared. DJ points to my training log and says “but look at those times! your swim is getting better, you’re strong on the bike, you’re running more miles then ever.” And while all those things may be true, my mind has been elsewhere.

I’m going on a three day bike-packing trip to the Olympics the weekend before Coeur d’Alene; I get back Sunday night, work 2 days, and then I’m on the road again. While I’m looking forward to spending some time in the forest (it’s been way too long), I am doubtful it will help me put my race face on.

But that’s real life; you can’t always live in a little training bubble. So I have to find my focus and my mantra for CDA.

In related news, I bought a triathlon bike last weekend and will take possession of it this weekend. So I’ll get one long ride in before the race. Thankfully, I’m pretty used to throwing shit together right before races, racing on borrowed bikes, etc, so it will be nothing new. Fingers crossed I get a comfortable fit.