Everyone has asked if I’m tapering for the race. Apparently I am, although it doesn’t necessarily seem like it from looking at my workout schedule.

The workouts are generally shorter, but harder. We’re “sharpening” my fitness. I keep imagining a pencil sharpener for some reason, although that’s not very intimidating is it? Continue reading

How to live track the race

Just in case you’re up early on a Saturday morning and have nothing else to do, you can live track my race! Well, it’s not actually “live” per se, but you can see the results coming in over the course of the race with some delay. I can’t recall how it actually works on the website, so unless you’re interested in downloading an app, you may have to do a little digging. I’ll update this if I find out more specific instructions.

When: May 7th, my wave starts at 7:20am Utah time, so that’s 6:20am PST. Should take me somewhere between 5-6 hours, so if you just want to know if I finished, then wait until noon.

My bib number: 1431

This is main event page, I think a link will appear when it’s race day. If not on the homepage, then try the results area and see if it updates to 2016 (currently it’s on 2015).

Racing your ego

I admit, one of the hardest things about racing is not racing–holding yourself back when you need to. Especially in a 5+ hour effort. It’s so easy to get carried away and try to get pass everyone in eyesight. Continue reading

Dumb things I’ve done in races

St George is coming up very soon, so soon that I’m starting to get a bit nervous about it. I’m not really too nervous about my actual performance; I’m worried about all the other things. I do dumb shit in races all the time. You can hear me laughing at myself as I circle around the infield at PIR during the summer short track series, as I run into a tree or miss my pedal, or get my bibs caught on the saddle trying to sprint; I’ve done it all! Continue reading

Weekend adventures; don’t over apply the embro

I’m happy to report that despite a still-tight right hip adductor, I managed to eek out 9.5 miles on Leif on Sunday; I felt slow, but it wasn’t about the speed, it was about “time on my feet” as DJ puts it.

I kept my adductors from being overly engaged by simply… not trying to change my form. Over time I’ve come to realize all the things I’ve been doing to “correct” form have caused one injury or another. Running too far forward on my feet hurt my calves, trying to push my pelvis forward has angered my hips. So I just let my body be and instead focused on having a super strong core. Continue reading

Practicing for the inevitable

Yesterday in the pool we practiced something I’ve been really nervous about: having people swimming all around me. I’ve only done an open water swim in a race once, and I had a panic attack and basically waited until everyone passed to resume swimming. So DJ swam all around me, crowding me, trying to push me out of the way. While it wasn’t much, it made me feel instantly better about the situation. Continue reading

Toughen up

After a long ride on Saturday, I was supposed to run 6 miles, and then wake up and run another 8 on Sunday. Well, 3 miles into the first run, my hip abductors said “fuck you no” and took me down to a slow walk. Of course this happens 3 miles out from the house, while I’m sporting my brand new short-shorts, which I’m still self-conscious about.

Continue reading