Running Saga Update

In my quest toward ultimate perfection in running form, I have caused yet another injury; my calves have slowly been getting worse and last week I spent pretty much Wednesday through Saturday in my bright orange compression tights with my legs up on ice.

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Endurance Sports for Life Avoidance; Relationships and Training

It’s the title of my new eBook – Endurance Sports for Life Avoidance: How to escape your job, your family, and whatever other issues you don’t really want to deal with.

You get to spend hours and hours away from anyone who isn’t following your training plan; you can’t go out at night because you need to foam roll and get as much sleep as possible; you can’t have meetings between 11 and 2pm because you leave work for long lunch runs; and you can’t go out to eat because you’re following a strict diet of some kind. Continue reading

Tri Bike Shop Talk

All the gear. So much gear. So many decisions to be made just for 1 of 3 sports. Thankfully, I’m a bike person, married to an ex-bike mechanic, so I at least have some¬†knowledge around the subject. Even still, after I ordered a new crankset, chain, cassette and bottom bracket I was nervous I got the wrong parts. Because there are so many sizes. And styles. And who knows if anything¬†matches, especially when your bike is 6 years old. I don’t even have disc brakes or bb30 or di2 or whatever the hotness is. Continue reading

A Little Perspective

I will be the first to admit that my perspective around fitness and sports is completely jacked. Most of my network is based in the bike racing community. To most people I know, riding 100 miles on the weekend is NBD. Training every day? Well, yeah, at least. Continue reading

Getting Faster

It’s so exciting when you’re new to a sport or activity and you start seeing gains really quickly. Every week you slash seconds, minutes, miles off your previous week’s record. I remember when I started cycling with Portland Velo, I did my longest ride ever every single weekend for a summer. Every Saturday I rode 5 or 10 miles longer then I had ever ridden before. After I finished a 70-miler, I rode in the inaugural Portland Century, on my heavy-ass flat bar hybrid. Continue reading

Beyond the wall

Two and a half years ago I raced the High Cascades 100, a 100 mile mountain bike race around Bend, Oregon. In typical Kristin fashion, I raced without a Garmin, without a bike computer, without even so much as a watch. I hardly looked at the course map or elevation profile (I dunno, we climb up Mount Bachelor a few times, whatevs). Unsurprisingly, around what was probably mile 40 I thought I was like 80% of the way through. So I went into some dark places later in the race. Continue reading

A cyclist running

I used to call myself a runner. Now I’m a cyclist trying to run.

I ran 8 miles on Leif Erikson yesterday, which is a gravel/dirt double track trail/fire lane in Forest Park. It’s not very soft, it’s a bit rocky, and yesterday it was pretty muddy. So lots of hopping over puddles, avoiding the particularly deep mud, and trying not to sprain my ankle on the rocky bits. Continue reading

Recovery and Avoiding Burnout

I always knew recovery was important, but it seems to have hit home this season like non other. Considering I have had only 1 day off since the first of January, with many days containing two workouts, recovery from one to the next has become vital. If I don’t recover fully, it will effect the next workout, with potentially cascading effects that could put me out for week, either from soreness, fatigue and/or illness. Continue reading