Goal setting for the rest of us

According to the internet:

  • Goals should be specific, have a deadline, and have measurable results
  • Goals should be bite-sized and focused
  • Goals are bullshit, don’t make them

A friend told me today that I’m really good at sticking with goals, which I find odd since I think I’m terrible at setting goals. I constantly set goals (meditate every day) and never do them (yeah I did that for maybe a week). But some goals, like train for an upcoming triathlon, are easy for me. Why is that? Continue reading

Healthy eating rage

It’s usually when I’m staring down at a tupperware container of Chia seed pudding when I question my sanity.

If you’ve never had it, chia seeds, unlike Chia Pets, well, actually nevermind they are the same. You’re basically eating a chia pet, if you zapped it with a laser to melt it, and then stuck it in a blender. It’s like tapioca, but somehow more gelatinous. Continue reading